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An Overview of Love & Sex

Cardinal Air Sign

Power Colors: Pale Blue and Pink

Ruling Planet: Venus

Libra is the sign represented by the Weighing Scales. This sign is all about union, fairness, equality, and charm. Ruled by Venus, Libra has a natural inclination toward pleasure and romance, but being an Air sign, is very connected to the mind and to communication, as well. Seduction is quite a game for Libra, and while they are always keeping their eyes out for the perfect partner, they don’t typically settle for just anyone. Libra wants to live a romance that is worthy to be talked about because this sign is known for their natural ability to be likeable and popular: able to shift and blend in with any surrounding yet always bring a special elegance to stand out from the crowd. Libra Rising (Ascendent) or Libra Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Libra in Love:

Love with Libra is all about falling in love with love! Libra are always keeping their eyes out for the perfect match, and because of this, may at times run too fast into relationships before they are ready for it. However, the more evolved Libra will know their worth and instead leave unfitting, doting partners in the dust until a real prize catches their eyes. Libra like to negotiate and find agreement, which can at times make them shut down rather than embrace conflict. Romance is important to Libra, but the key for them is to find what excites their partner. The finer things, nature, and spontaneous adventures are all key ways to their hearts. Libra are also attracted to a bit of drama in their relationships in order for things to not get stale — this brings both heat and a bit of strife — ultimately resolved with a closer and deeper union once resolved.

Libra in Sex:

Sex with Libra is all about mirroring one another — and enjoying the balance of the yin and yang. Libra is very passionate when it comes to lovemaking, especially when their lust has been excited by seductive wit and charm. Mind games can be infuriating to Libra, but also relatively sexy if they come with no conflict or malicious intent. With Libra, sensitivity and softness are appreciated, as well as clear communication on what feels good. Libra does not need commitment or attachment to enjoy sex, as long as the two partners are engaging in a mutual give-and-take of foreplay and orgasm. Sex with Libra is like music — finding the right rhythm played together can create the most beautiful orchestra.

Ideal Partner for Libra:

Libras are attracted to fiery, passionate, and driven partners. When someone is courageous, ambitious, and focused on movement forward, this can excite Libra — who is usually more focused on balance rather than being selfish. Libra are irresistibly drawn to someone who can go after what he or she wants — especially when that person happens to be them! This will ignite their hearts because as much as Libra doesn’t like to think of themselves first, it is charming to be the center of someone else’s desire. This also can mean that when Libras find “their one,” they jump headfirst into a relationship or marriage. Last, Libra is attracted to someone who is a bit dramatic, too, because the excitement and difficulty ultimately lead to a closer union once it is resolved. 

Areas for Improvement:

Libras are known to be extremely indecisive and changeable, as well as fluctuating between two extremes. This could also manifest as a very different public and private life — or intense monogamy regulated between bouts of hyper-promiscuity. Libras are natural flirts, which isn’t a problem, but may cause friction with partners if they catch their eyes wandering. Libra also can be a bit of a pushover at times. To regulate these areas, make sure that you are keeping checks and balances on your inner self, as well. By asking yourself questions about your happiness and focusing on the truth of the situation, you can better communicate with your sweetheart. 

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