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An Overview of Love & Sex

Fixed Water Sign

Power Colors: Dark Red and Maroon

Ruling Planets: Pluto and Mars

Scorpio is the sign represented by the Scorpion. This sign is all about intense and tremendous passion, as well as the ability to dominate and submit, and be reborn from our ashes. Transformation through union with others is key to Scorpio energy. Sexuality is a natural aspect of this sign, as well as the hidden parts of our psyche that lie beneath the surface. Scorpio is all about extremes — all or nothing, in or out, now or never. This profound and powerful energy is what also makes them so irresistible: a darkness, but also a light. Scorpio easily knows how to reflect our deepest desires, whether for love, sex, or power. Scorpio Rising (Ascendent) or Scorpio Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Scorpio in Love:

Love with Scorpio is intense, passionate, ardent, and enduring. However, theirs is also the kind of emotion that can easily fluctuate between love and hate. When committed or in desire of one person, Scorpio has a laser focus on this person. They will go to the ends of the Earth to defend them — but this is also due to their desire to possess and own their partner, as well. Scorpio has immense depths to their emotions and rarely communicate them fully, but they are equally as deep as the ocean and also as explosive as a volcano when bottled up for too long. Scorpio will sacrifice of themself to lift up a partner, as long as there is an understanding of their martyrdom and an expectation that their sweetheart will do the same for them someday — and sooner rather than later. Jealousy will always be present with a Scorpio, but there will also be a deep pride in who they choose to love because it is a gift given, something earned that has power due to their calculated moves in order to get the things that they want in life. Romance is important to Scorpio, but so is power, and they want to be a prize and have one of their own, as well. This is why it is often very difficult for Scorpio to let go because they’re playing for keeps when it comes to their hearts.

Scorpio in Sex:

Sex with Scorpio is meant to be transformative — intense, passionate, and completely about pushing your limits and theirs. They can be very sexually active in between partners, but once they find their next sweetheart, the sexual activity must become a very regular activity — almost ritualistic. This is because sex for Scorpio is deeply connected to both their emotions and mind. It helps them to ground this energy within their bodies and feel connected to their partner. Scorpio is especially drawn to experimentation and danger when it comes to exploring sexuality with their partners, and are drawn to whatever will bring them to their closest intensity of release. Scorpio may look calm and collected, but when you look inside their eyes, you will see their thunder and lightning. When this fire is released upon themselves and their partner, it is like they are being consumed, possessed, and united together as one.

Ideal Partner for Scorpio:

Scorpio is attracted to partners who are loyal, grounded, and steady — attributes that bring stability to their more tumultuous extremes internally. Scorpio also enjoys lovers who have a strong set of values and plans forward — someone who can press onward despite any obstacle. Because Scorpio is such a watery sign, they are naturally drawn to those who can supply for them or help bring material resources into their lives — especially things that have long-term value. They are also drawn to partners who are immensely sensual and affectionate, and able to pull them out of their minds and back into their bodies.  While sex can be enjoyed recreationally between committed relationships, when monogamous, they demand a union of sex and love. Also, when it comes to commitments, Scorpio does not make them lightly, so when they have finally chosen to make it official, they have great difficulty letting it go without self-destructing or destroying their ex — or both.

Areas for Improvement:

Scorpio is known to be tremendously jealous, vindictive, and malicious when angered. This, in itself, makes Scorpio stubborn and difficult to adapt to new emotional experiences or traumas. Also, because Scorpio has such deep emotions, they may have problems communicating what they’re feeling — until it finally explodes out of nowhere. This also lends itself to making them very secretive and manipulative in order to get what they want. To improve this, make sure that you are assessing what you want now and in the future — and in order to not hurt yourself or others in the process — communicate those plans directly. Meditation and exercise can help ground this, as well. Focus on letting go of what you cannot control and be grateful for the things that you can.e truth of the situation, you can better communicate with your sweetheart. 

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