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An Overview of Love & Sex

Mutable Fire Sign

Power Colors: Purple and Dark Regal Blue

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Sagittarius is the sign represented by the centaur: half man, half horse. This sign focuses upon knowledge, travel, expansion, and adventure -- both in the mind and in reality. This is because of the sign’s ruler, Jupiter, which encourages excess and expansion. Being grounded and rooted down causes Sagittarius to feel claustrophobic, so this sign is prone to start big projects yet need to find the tenacity to buckle down to reach the final destination. One of the signs that always retains youthful energy to continue growing and looking up at new heights, the mind of the human often conflicts with the powerful, animalistic energies of the horse. This conflict is ever present throughout Sagittarius’s life, but in later years, they tend to find an enlightenment that works for them. Sagittarius Rising (Ascendent) or Sagittarius Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Sagittarius in Love:

Love with Sagittarius is all about freedom and tends to happen when they find someone who challenges and excites them, often a “partner in crime.” Sagittarius likes to make big plans in life, so they fall hard and fast with people who become as passionate as they do. Not possessive or jealous, Sagittarius wants to taste all of the world’s fruits, so this sign tends to be the one of the “bachelor” — who later in life tend to find partners, rather than settling down earlier. Romances often tend to be quick, erupting like a firework, but then gone with the wind, so Sagittarius must feel change and spontaneity around every corner. This kind of love allows Sagittarius to not only have fun, but to never feel hindered by their partner. Longing is crucial for Sagittarius to form attachment — longing for the person who is just out of reach or longing for the lifestyle they were never able to attain until they finally have earned it. When it comes to love, Sagittarius wants romantic activities that force them to try new things and experiment. Every day should be a new adventure in love, or else Sagittarius will quickly move on to new sparks on their radar.

Sagittarius in Sex:

Sex with Sagittarius can be animalistic, hot and heavy, as well detached to just go through the motions. Sagittarius, in essence, is a sign about polar opposites and sometimes even they don’t know how they want sex that day -- just that they want it. This leads many Sagittarius men and women to be casual lovers, burning through a line-up and never looking back. Sex should always be lively, inventive, and spontaneous with this Fire sign, perhaps even a bit wild and experimental. Anyone who is trapped inside more formal arrangements of intercourse quickly bore Sagittarius, who also need deep mental stimulation to get them even more intensely aroused. Fantasy games, mind games, and erotic conversation easily perk Sagittarius’s fancy, and before you know it, they’ll be playing along and ready to see how far they can push your limit -- and theirs.

Ideal Partner for Sagittarius:

Sagittarius’s ideal romantic partner is someone who is highly communicative, witty, and engaging -- someone who will shock and surprise them! Intellect is a crucial trait for their lovers to have, as well as someone who is constantly challenging them to go bigger, climb higher, and see more. Sagittarius wants to find someone who collects vast arrays of intellect and information, someone who often can satiate their endless curiosity about life and the world. Sagittarius also likes a bit of chaos in their love life, someone who will arouse you but also drive you a bit crazy -- this is all a part of a never-ending game. You will absolutely demand variety when it comes to sex and love in your partnership or else you will be gone with the wind.

Areas for Improvement:

Sagittarius are known to be hot-headed, exceptionally impulsive, and irresponsible when it comes to the details and priorities in life and in relationships. Prone to sudden explosions one moment and then having a boisterous laugh nearly five minutes later, this sign moves rapidly between emotions -- but can often hold a grudge if they feel they’ve been wronged. Most Sagittarius do not enjoy processing their emotions deeply, so tend to jump to anger as a go-to reaction. Last, often going to extremes earlier in life, this tempers off with age. To improve in your partnerships, make sure not to become aggressive when it is not needed. Take time for meditation to focus on your inner feelings before you either go into attack mode or fly off without looking back.

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