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An Overview of Love & Sex

Cardinal Earth Sign

Power Colors: Black, Dark Gray, Dark Green

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Capricorn is represented by the sea-goat. This sign focuses on the desire to continuously rise throughout life to find a steady foundation. Most Capricorn move upward throughout their lives using practical means -- climbing the ladder or hiking the mountain -- in order to get where they’ll feel more secure. Ruled by the icy energy from the planet Saturn, Capricorn is also related to history, institutions, and all structures built over time. Capricorn wants to create things that are predictable and reliable, as if always saving for a rainy day. Because of these very practical traits, many Capricorn rise higher through their ambitions, whereas others will choose they’ve hit a level that satisfies them so they can continue to stockpile resources for the future and those they care for. Capricorn Rising (Ascendent) or Capricorn Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Capricorn in Love:

Love with Capricorn tends to be more practical and planned, but if romance is something they want to do for added spice, they’ll put in the effort and learn to seduce this way to get who they want. Capricorn tend to be more grounded, analytical, and detached when it comes to emotions -- but that’s because they find it difficult to understand the soft and sensitive feelings within them. When it comes to love, they can be intrigued by those who can offer them something: status, money, stability, family. Whatever it is, though, it must be something that can last -- whether or not they remain with the partner forever or not. However, prone to a lusty, earthy appetite, Capricorn may spot something shiny and want to explore it -- so freedom is something that casual relationships may be built from originally. However, when you give your heart, you expect complete commitment and perseverance because you are in it for the long haul. Also, Capricorn likes to learn new skills in love, and while not a natural romantic, will add these tools into their arsenal over time to make sure that who they want will always and forever be their conquest.

Capricorn in Sex:

Sex with Capricorn is all about physicality, learning through practice and experimentation with a partner, and then choosing what is right and sticking to it -- to hit it and win it exactly every single time. While not prone to wild sexual adventures, they often can become completely overwhelmed with lust and will demand the follow-through go from seduction to foreplay and then to orgasm until it is complete. While not initially the most affectionate sign, Capricorn are easily adaptable to their partner’s needs -- and can be very needy, themselves. Usually, sex is more about the act for many Capricorn, but when combined with romance, this sign will finally open their hearts and bodies to release control and lose track of all time.

Ideal Partner for Capricorn:

Capricorn is attracted to someone who is very nurturing and has a big focus on domesticity and the family. Someone who will provide you constant and unwavering emotional support is needed because once Capricorn opens their heart, they become very demanding and needy emotionally -- usually bottling up their thoughts and feelings until they truly trust. Initially, though, Capricorn is attracted to people who appear to need them more than they need them in return, as a form of power and control, but over time, the balance becomes more equal as the playing ground levels and the two merge. Because of this urge to merge -- but only with someone who is “worthy” and not directly competitive to you -- you’ll be more interested in committed sexual partners who could lead to a family or longevity in time. Someone who can be your “rock” on which you can climb and look far into the horizon is what makes you finally feel safe to love.

Areas for Improvement:

Capricorn have been known to be overly critical, extremely rigid, and often intellectualize their emotions rather than feel them truly and deeply. This often leads many Capricorn to jump to conclusions, run away from intense emotional experiences out of intimidation and fear, or spark into passive-aggressive behavior rather than communicating what is going on internally. Overanalyzing and obsession often occur, especially when the grass looks greener on the other side of the hill. Last, Capricorn tend to jump into moody, pessimistic swings if they do not see tangible results of the effort they’re putting into life and their relationships. To improve these areas in your partnerships, make sure to take time for solitude so you can assess your feelings but make sure to communicate those needs to your sweetheart. Cutting off your emotions, especially from someone who loves you, will only cause further damage. Spend time listening and then tell the truth -- don’t run from it -- even if it hurts.

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