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An Overview of Love & Sex

Fixed Air Sign

Power Color: Electric Blue

Ruling Planets: Uranus and Saturn

Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer. This sign is related to the world population at large, communities and humanitarian ideas, as well as inventions and revolution due to its particular connection with the planet, Uranus. As an Air sign, Aquarius is highly intellectual and communicative, but also carries a detached demeanor that isolates emotion rather than integrates it fully. Aquarians tend to manifest in two ways: as vibrant, free-spirits, filled with independence and creativity, eager to learn about life and create positive change; on the other side, this sign can also become unpredictable, eccentric, rebellious, cold, and unwavering in their ideas at the total expense of their emotions. This manifests due to Aquarian’s secondary (and original ruler), Saturn. No matter what, though, Aquarius’s connection to the future is a powerful one, keeping humanity growing and moving forward. Aquarius Rising (Ascendent) or Aquarius Sun will express these qualities deeply, and the following LoveScopes will affect you throughout the coming year.

Aquarius in Love:

Love with Aquarius is psychological, an exploration into what makes their individual partner tick, get aroused, and cry out in shock. Surprise is a key tactic in romance with an Aquarius because they do not want things to get stale and are prone to anything that could be exotic, eccentric, or entertaining. Drama is important in love with an Aquarius, whether it be the hot and cold flair, or the battle to see who is on top -- intellectually or in the relationship. This sign is drawn to fun in partnerships but are not inherently romantic. While Aquarius will always look at themselves as independent -- they expect their partner to become dependent on them in some ways, even if its just for approval or support -- because they secretly view themselves as the leader in a whole new scientific procedure or theatrical series where they can determine the destination. Because of this, though, Aquarius will not necessarily wander and can be extremely faithful and loyal, despite at times appearing aloof.

Aquarius in Sex:

Sex with Aquarius is about variety and exploration -- particularly about switching things up to keep their interest growing. At times, Aquarius can detach and simply look at sex as a means to an end or a casual way to get to know someone, but when involved romantically uses it as a tool of communication -- whether withholding or giving it dependent on their mood. This unpredictability can create heightened passion and drama which in turn elicits a game to increase desire and their control. They often are quite good at understanding the needs of other people -- particularly ways to get them aroused and in the palm of their hands -- but may often have difficulty understanding exactly what they, personally, like. This can create a cycle of wanting to try out many different positions, situations, and places in order to see the vast array of possibilities rather than be limited to someone else’s narrow point of view. Aquarius can operate on the brink between instinct and consciousness where they pull their lover into a web of surprise, but this in itself, creates a spontaneous edge that escalates into a mystery that no one can predict exactly where it’ll go.

Ideal Partner for Aquarius:

Aquarius are often attracted to people who are warm, generous, and passionate -- as well as giving -- who will make them the center of their Universe. Ideal partners tend to be people who will give them a great deal of attention and feed their needs continuously, even if it brings forth a bit of drama and excitement. Aquarius seeks someone who will be grateful for their insight into the world, as well as be protective of their ideas. Also, their partners tend to end up being people who demand to be worshipped in exchange for their reliable attention, which will make Aquarius both excited and irritated at the same time. Their partners tend to have gregarious egos, too, which Aquarius will smugly chuckle at, but also be proud to show off when it comes to any social or public engagement.

Areas for Improvement:

Aquarius can be unpredictable and rebellious at times, as well as rigid and unwavering in their ideas. This inherent stubbornness to what they believe will easily cause friction in relationships if they are not open to hearing other people’s plans or ideas. Aquarius tends to have a very specific vision of how they see their -- and the world’s future -- and anything that conflicts with it will be scoffed at. Also, rather than dealing with emotion as it arrives, Aquarius tends to bottle it up and use sarcasm or condescension to detach. This only alienates their partners rather than creating solutions. To improve your relationships, make sure to accept that your sweetheart’s opinion is valid and should be heard, as well as taking time to honestly assess what your heart says and not just your mind.

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