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An Overview of Love & Sex

Mutable Water Sign

Power Color: Soft Sea Green

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Pisces is represented by the Fish. This sign is connected to the deepest level of emotions, transcending beyond the physical plane into the spiritual or metaphysical. Pisces are the most compassionate and sensitive sign, often putting the needs of people before themselves in order to serve others or the greatest good. They are naturally creative and easily inspired by their vibrant view of the world, but this can also lead them down pathways of escapism -- whether through drugs or becoming controlled by more dominant partners. Pisces does not like to conform and prefers to have the freedom to explore life through their always evolving lens. They are deeply sentimental, highly intuitive, and a blessing to anyone who has them in their lives. They make incredible friends, lovers, and teachers. Pisces Rising (Ascendent) or Pisces Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Pisces in Love:

Love with Pisces is like a dream: sensitive, magical, and intuitive. Because of their natural abilities of empathy and insight, Pisces use them to their greatest advantage to tap into the desires and needs of the person they are engaged with. Typically, Pisces are more passive, but absolutely love to give and receive love. The needs of their partners tend to trump their own, and they will go to a great extent to be what their lover wants them to be -- even if that means they have to be selfless of themselves. Pisces, however, tend to not prefer commitment and can be very indecisive when it comes to settling down, as well as hesitant if a partner is moving too quickly. One moment Pisces may be enamoured with their new interest, but if their freedom or lifestyle suddenly seems threatened, they may swim away and continue on their journey. Pisces, however, enjoy the act of romance tremendously and are always eager for sparkling experiences and fun -- so as long as the relationship is filled with this without feeling “too serious,” Pisces will be happy to swim right along.

Pisces in Sex:

Sex with Pisces is all about service and indulging in the union of not two bodies, but two souls. Pisces often feels transformed by their sexual experiences, eager to learn new depths of how to please their partner or even deeper levels in their own life experience. Pisces tend to enjoy longer sessions of lovemaking so they can get lost in the journey, rather than feel forced to perform too quickly -- for insecurity in their own abilities. Pisces are certainly wonderful in their sensual skills, but because of their inner sensitivity, it takes a great deal of trust for Pisces to unleash their deeper lust and intensity. Cuddling and exploration inspire Pisces, and they are often intrigued by the other realms of sexual experience they have yet to learn.

Ideal Partner for Pisces:

Pisces tend to be attracted to partners who are more forthright, grounded, and interested in tying down the more practical details of life. When they find someone who is happy to not only teach them exactly what they like sexually and romantically, Pisces is eager to begin the journey and learn. However, someone that will tickle their fancy will also be someone they can rely on endlessly and who will not falter. Someone who will aid Pisces in managing all of the more tangible and practical aspects of your life will make Pisces fulfilled -- not only in building plans for the day-to-day, but also for time to come. Adding in a hint of romance will also entice Pisces to swim right along side-by-side.

Areas for Improvement:

Pisces have been known to be very indecisive, as well as vague, easily distracted, and unable to manage the more concrete details in their life. Pisces also possess such a depth of sensitivity that it can overwhelm them, causing them to run away from responsibilities and commitments to favor a fantasy life in their head. Because of their flowy nature, they also may become prey to more dominant and controlling presences who do not have their best interest at heart. To remedy these traits, Pisces should spend time enjoying their whimsical and creative fancies, but also schedule out time to handle the more practical details with their special person. Also, rather than running away when threatened, Pisces should ask for a balanced and open door policy in communication with their partners so they feel comfortable voicing their opinions and emotions.

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