Looking Forward: 2020

Written by Kyle Thomas

2019 will certainly be a year that many people look back upon to find that their lives moved forward rather smoothly. This is because, while we did have some quirky Mercury Retrogrades that took place, we did not have Mars or Venus stirring up cosmic storms.

In 2020, we again will be dealing with some pesky retrogrades that’ll be affecting relationships once again. If you look back to the summer and fall of 2018, we had a Mars Retrograde followed by a Venus Retrograde shortly thereafter. Mars Retrograde affects our drive, sexual frustration and expression, and launching of new endeavors. Venus Retrograde affects our relationships, love, and intimacy. During these periods of time, lovers or people from the past may return in order to bring closure to what had come before — or to rekindle something anew. While many people groan whenever they hear “retrograde,” they are actually blessings from the Universe so that we may take a brief moment in time to assess where we are going and if we are on the right path. Sometimes soul mates or twin flames also appear during these times — so don’t write them off as just problematic! Karmic lessons tend to materialize and we notice that these periods of our lives do end up holding important growth.

Venus will be retrograde during mid-May until the end of June, but you will be noticing that most of May until the end of July will be having you assess and reassess your relationships at this time. Mars retrogrades later in the year, from early September until mid-November, and you’ll feel more sluggish and uncertain about pursuing your plans, endeavors, or relationships.

Yet, to the rescue, we can look to see that there will be a divine harmony with many of the planets, particularly Jupiter (planet of good fortune), Saturn (planet of structure), and Pluto (planet of will). These planets will be spending most of their time lighting up Capricorn and Aquarius — meaning that individually as well as the world at large should be noticing significant breakthroughs taking place. When the planets are sparkling such happiness on our lives, we are able to truly enjoy the moment and build the lives that we’ve always wanted. Every single sign will be celebrating this coming year! Because of all this cosmic support, 2020 will surely be one that we have built toward for the last several years. Whether single, dating, or in a serious relationship, be ready for a year ahead that will help you grow, bring you pleasure, and fall even more deeply in love.

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Kyle Thomas