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Zodiac Signs do not just affect people – they affect animals and our pets, too! Whether you have a dog, cat, bunny, bird, or beyond, the stars above give them certain traits that may be compatible with your own cosmos. No matter what sign your pet is, they deserve love and affection, and all zodiac combinations of owner and pet can work. It just takes effort and time to understand your sweet animal just like it does for our friends, family, and other people, as well.



An Aries animal is likely to be aggressive, assertive, and enjoys dominance. This animal may try to demand attention and if they are not given it can become rebellious or disobedient. When angry, they can become very heated, but this anger tends to fade as quickly as it arrives. These animals are leaders of the pack and can be a great deal of fun. These animals do have an independent streak and will be excited to show their gratitude to someone who embraces their fiery personality.



Taurus animals are sensual, snuggly, and loyal. They do not often get provoked to anger, but will become defensive to their family and nest. A soft and luscious bed will be important to them and these animals will enjoy food and sleep a great deal. They can be a bit stubborn to learn new tricks but are often very happy to please their families. Music, beauty, and relaxation are important to these animals. They are often warm and gentle if they are receiving affection but will not give up a fight easily when threatened. They may put on excess weight if they are not exercising regularly.



Gemini pets are excitable, have a great deal of energy, and are highly inquisitive. Their curiosity will never end and they are always getting into something new to peak their active minds. These animals are charming and talkative, as well. Speaking – in whatever form that is – will be important to them and they are often very intelligent. These animals will be trained rather easily because they like to learn. They will like change, too, as they crave fresh surroundings.



Cancer animals are highly domestic and value their homes. They do not tend to want to leave their owners or spaces that make them feel safe. These animals are highly sensitive and intuitive to the emotions of those around them. They can know rather quickly if someone is to be trusted or is an enemy, as their sense of perception is very strong. They can, at times, become moody if they are not treated as a priority and become sad and reclusive. However, they love to be pampered and cuddled and being with a family that emotionally respects them as an equal is highly important to them. They do not take scolding well and prefer positive reinforcement rather than discipline. As the Moon rules them, they become very active dependent on the phases of the Moon. These animals make very good long-term companions.



Leo animals have a royal air to them and often crave being the center-of-attention. They will go out of their way to seek attention at all costs. They often have a pride – and potentially arrogance – to them. They often are very beautiful and move with authority. These animals are friendly and loving and often adore children. They will require their families consider them as a prize and will expect treats, toys, and gifts. The more they are coddled, the happier they will be. When provoked, their anger is ferocious.



Virgo animals are very hygienic and particular about their environment and home. They demand consistency and do not like spontaneity. They can become very stressed out when change is presented to them. They will be very hardworking animals and love to be trained. They can be a bit guarded and take awhile to trust new people. They like to organize their life. They tend to have strong bodies when taken care of, but may slip into anxiety and ailments if neglected. Specific food is often required for them.



Libra animals tend to reflect the personalities of their owner. They often choose one person or animal to be their “partner” and often claim them as their own. They are always highly attentive to this partner and will go to great lengths to make sure that they are with them. They often crave beauty and will enjoy music, food, and decorative surroundings. These animals can be highly social, but are often indecisive creatures. They can be restless and become nervous without the safety of their person. These animals crave peace and can be sensitive. They will often run from conflict.



Scorpio animals are very intense creatures. They can be majestic and elusive one moment, or brooding and independent later. Their loyalty is fierce, but their tempers are fiercer. These animals are very intuitive and can sense danger when it is approaching better than most. They do not trust easily. These animals will become very manipulative to get what they want if their families do not read their behavior intuitively. This can cause them to lash out or disobey simply for attention. These animals are also highly dominant and will intimidate people or other animals simply to feel powerful.


Sagittarius animals are social, dramatic, and excitable. These animals do not like to be controlled and will often at young ages disobey or get into trouble. This may lead to becoming accident-prone. These animals do not like conflict, but they do like adventure. They require a great deal of stimulation and attention in order to not get bored and depressed. These animals have boundless energy and are very fun and will be youthful throughout their entire lives. When confronted, they are likely to run away.



Capricorn animals are loyal, hardworking, and often demand a lot of attention. They can be independent and loners at different points in their lives unless they are trained to open up and be vulnerable. This can be very hard for them because they do not trust easily. They do have a stubborn streak, but once they are comfortable with a very small group of people, they can be highly affectionate beasts. These animals have a natural wisdom to them as compared to other animals and can be known to take the lead if needed. These animals are reliable and can at times live longer than some of the other pets around them. Capricorn animals will be protective of their family.



Aquarius animals are highly intelligent creatures and crave interaction with their owners and families. They enjoy learning and are fascinated by the world around them. While friendly and communicative, they can become a bit detached unless properly socialized. These animals also can be drawn to technology and often have an understanding that the Universe around them is more complex than what they can comprehend. These animals do not often have a harsh temper and can be stubborn. Rather than being in a conflict, they will withdraw.



Pisces animals are sensitive, empathic, and almost spiritual. They are not trained easily and require fun in order to learn. These animals are extremely loving and gentle but can be at times impulsive. They crave creativity and stimulation – whether it be by hearing music, a pretty view, or even just listening to water. These animals can be accident-prone and at times may have weak immune systems. These animals can communicate almost telepathically with those around them and are often a kindred spirit to the people and other creatures around them. They may at times be a sign or a gift to the owners from the spiritual realm.

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