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The Fall Equinox is upon us as the mid-day Sun sinks lower in the sky and the night becomes darker and colder. Even before we notice the majestic display of Autumn colors rippling upon our landscape, we can sense that the reign of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere has come to an end.

The Fall Equinox officially marks the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and is when the day and night are exactly the same length. In the Southern Hemisphere, Spring arrives, ushering forth new life and opportunities to expand from seeds into greater abundance.

We also note that in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn marks a “harvest” period of time, one where we are reaping the rewards for the hard work we built during Spring and Summer. Patterns of birth, life, harvest, death, and rebirth are written into the Earth and our lives, and we watch as these cycles endure without end.

As we begin Libra season, we also note that what we were building on our own, we now must unite with others to experience true growth in our lives. Libra is a sign of partnership, union, and marriage, which is where we realize that our personal views and path must align with another’s to reach fulfillment. Like the yin and the yang, the night and the day, we must find balance in our lives to attain our greatest purpose.

During the coming Fall and Winter, the Sun moves through the last six signs of the zodiac where we turn our attention to the world around us so we can attain harmony, expansion, and equilibrium. We have faced our light, now we must venture into our shadows to complete the journey before, like a phoenix next year, we are reborn once again. Embracing the fullness of life is the only way we can appreciate both the light and the dark.

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