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An Overview of Love & Sex

Fixed Earth Sign

Power Colors: Pink and Pale Blue

Ruling Planet: Venus

Passionate. Romantic. Sensual. As the second sign in the zodiac, Taurus ushers in spring. Represented by the bull, Taurus are determined and solid, willing to go the extra mile to bring forth security in life and in love. Ruled by Venus, they are naturally drawn to the beauty in life and seek to enjoy it in every possible way that they can. Able to bring forth stability and be a rock for those around them, Taurus are able to enjoy the finer things in life but also balance the work that it takes to get there. With a natural affinity to the Earth, Taurus is the most physical of all signs, and thus the most physical of all lovers. They not only want to feel love in their hearts, but make it tangible within all five senses, which is why many of these people are so connected to both art and the luxury of life. Taurus Rising (Ascendent) or Taurus Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Taurus in Love:

Taurus are charming, warm-hearted, trustworthy, and affectionate. They are also deeply sensual and romantic — attributes brought to them through their ruler, Venus, the giver of beauty. Taurus are passionate in love and want to express it tangibly — through art, gifts, luxury, intimacy, or food. Taurus will go to great lengths to show their passion and will never grow tired of making their special someone feel valued. The bull is the most reliable sign of the zodiac and also the most loyal. Nothing will sway them if they are truly in love. Taurus like to build longevity, stability, and reliability — especially when it comes to pleasure. Taurus will go to great lengths to not only lift their lover up, but also to protect them from harm.

Taurus in Sex:

Sex with Taurus is sensual and will appeal to all of the senses, as well as never be rushed. Seduction, foreplay, and orgasm should all be enjoyed as a part of the process. Romance is crucial in their lovemaking, and they will bring immeasurable passion if it is done in a trusting and emotional interaction. Sex with Taurus continues to get better in time because they focus on the depth of pleasure for both parties with incredible detail and sensitivity. Taurus is not just about the act of sex. For this earthy sign, it is about the union of the body and heart into one. When their lust is truly awakened, it can become nearly insatiable and will be able to go on for hours, days, weeks, and if you’re lucky — become a cycle of passion and seduction that never ends.

Ideal Partner for Taurus:

Taurus are attracted to magnetic, sexually powerful partners who ooze their erotic energy. They secretly want someone who can be consumed by extreme passion and commitment in a relationship. They may thus invite darker, extremely potent relationships into their lives, ones that have intense emotional and physical depth. They tend to want someone who is playing for keeps because betrayal would mean war. Most Taurus are aroused by possessiveness, and it can be a quality they exhibit. Not only do they want to be owned, but they want the world to know that their lover is theirs and only theirs, too.

Areas for Improvement:

Taurus may be very possessive and inflexible in their opinions, which can lead to butting heads with partners. This may also make them stubborn, and they may be prone to holding a grudge. While it takes Taurus a very long time to get angry, once it occurs, a stampede can begin with ferocious fury. If a satisfying resolution is not created, Taurus will never forgive and completely cut out the other person. Be careful of jealousy and use clear communication to dispel any worry. To improve your relationships, consider how you can move forward and be more open-minded as well as recognize that people make mistakes.

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