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An Overview of Love & Sex

Cardinal Fire Sign

Power Color: Red

Ruling Planet: Mars

Bold. Pioneering. Optimistic. All Aries bring great light into the world! As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is the leader of the horoscope and marks the beginning of the zodiac year. Represented by the ram, Aries are daring and adventurous, often courageous and fearless in love, as well as highly energetic. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries bring forth a youthful spark to everything around them and tend to initiate things, rather than compete. Magnetic, Aries have the ability to unite people and bring an infectious, jovial mood to nearly everything they touch. This sign has a knack for diving in a bit too fast, but without this kind of energy, nothing would ever get started! Aries have sweet hearts and love as hard as they work. Aries Rising (Ascendent) or Aries Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Aries in Love:

Aries passionately enjoys giving and receiving love, and tend to be focused on the importance of their special partner in life. Aries have a romantic streak within them, as well as like to pursue  their love interests. When it comes to this fiery sign, conquest is not just used in life, but also in romance. They like to win the affection of someone they believe has value in their eyes. However, if they have to fight for too long for this person’s attention, they may lose interest and move onto yet another pursuit. Aries love to go after who and what you want. They also fall in love quickly and prefer not to play mind games. Aries are impressed by boldness and directness and express these attributes readily. Aries is determined to live life to the fullest, and above all, always have fun.

Aries in Sex:

Aries expresses their sexuality passionately and vigorously. They have an urgency for it and particularly focus on orgasm, rather than the entire process. They also enjoy spontaneity — as long as it’s with someone they value and consider worthy of their lust. Sex should be exciting, fiery, and intense. Aries want seduction and sex to feel like a conquest every single time so it is never the same. Aries enjoy the act of the chase as much as intercourse and will go to great lengths to make sure they get what they want — exactly how they want it. Sex with Aries is often fun and like playtime — so bringing in laughter and romance will only fan the flames of this lusty sign more deeply.

Ideal Partner for Aries:

Aries like a partner who is gracious, kind, and charming. They want someone who is going to put their heart fully into a relationship and prefers companionship over being single. Aries tend to desire someone who will be bit more balanced, as compared to their fiery temperament, as well as someone who is equally sexual and romantic so that love never gets boring. However, they do not want someone who is a pushover. They like people who have an interest in going on adventures together to see and experience the great pleasures that life has to offer.

Areas for Improvement:

Aries may sometimes be selfish, focusing on themselves first. They may also be impatient, quick-tempered, and impulsive. When Aries get frustrated or emotional, they are quick to be thrown into a fury, but as soon as the explosion passes, they will return to their sensitive and jovial selves. Aries tend to let go of things fairly easily, but do hold a deep soft spot and can become defensive if they are not receiving the attention and respect they crave. To ease this, Aries should consider looking at love from the other person’s point of view and listen, rather than just diving right in. 

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